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About QTI

buildingSomething big started for Jason Lofton in 2003. He resigned from his previous company, and on that same day, attended a pre-bid as an independent. While he didn't get the job that day, he did land the next three and from there, QTI was born. Beginning as a one-man operation, QTI now has more than 25 employees and continues to grow. 

Over the past several years, QTI has demonstrated that it has what it takes to be a competitve and diversified player in several aspects of the construction world. QTI realizes the importance of addressing each customer's specific needs and seeks to provide the most effecient and cost-effective service possible. In doing this, we help our customers increase their minority business spend. This has allowed QTI to become one of the top Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) in the Kansas City Area.